Help your music 

 deliver your message 

 Mastering based in Berlin 

 Clients include: Universal Music, Alice Phoebe Lou, Sophie Hunger, Paper Thieves,   Isac Elliot, Maeckes, LOVA, Malik Harris, Betterov, and more 


Mastering involves the use of metering and sonic enhancement techniques, such as careful EQing and compression, to create a

professional-sounding record. These changes serve to polish your mix, bringing its best aspects forward and allowing the listener to fully experience your art’s intentions.

The purpose of mastering is to help your music deliver your message to its fullest. A mastering engineer should serve as an attentive pair of ears, hearing your intentions and pointing out possible changes to the mix which can help your music shine wherever it's played. We listen to each track in detail prior to mastering in order to identify potential improvements to be made. This feedback is then sent to you for your consideration.


Discounts possible when submitting multiple tracks.


  • Detailed feedback on your mix

  • Cleanup (removal of unwanted noise, glitches, clicks and pops)

  • Dynamics, EQ, stereo image, and other audio enhancement processing

  • Fade ins/outs, track pause timing for EPs/albums

  • High quality .wav and MP3 delivery

  • Vinyl-ready versions, if needed

 Additional services - contact for rates 

  • Delivery in other file formats (FLAC, DDP Image...)

  • Stem mastering

  • Mastering of long audio files

  • Audio editing / restoration

 A selection of music mastered at GM Mastering 
 Hip Hop 

For more examples, check out this playlist on Spotify:




GM Mastering operates out of a studio in the Gaswerkseidlung building, near the Funkhaus Berlin and the river Spree.

Monitoring: PMC, Genelec, Avantone

Gabriel Markus achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors at DBs Music Berlin in 2018. During his studies, he found a passion for the intricate process of mastering.


With additional experience in music production, recording, and audio quality control, Gabriel aims to make your music feel and sound its best through detailed communication and

careful decision making.